The control room of the Aurora Musiklabor is equipped with a pair of Neumann KH 120 and Genelec 1031 speakers. On the technical side the Aurora Musiklabor merges together the best of both the digital and the analogue world.
The main DAW is Cubase Pro 8.5. Three slave-computers and one power-horse Master-Computer offer the combined array of 120 Gigabytes of Sample-RAM and leave more than enough room for huge templates. Nearly every state-of-the-art sample-library is available (Vienna Symphonic Library, complete East-West-Quantum-Leap collection incl. Hollywood Strings, complete Spectrasonics-collection, Yellow-Tools Independence Pro, Native Instruments Ultimate, Ethno-World, Superior Drummer 2, complete Music-Lab guitar collection, several of the big 8Dio Libraries like the 8W Orchestra, Adagio Strings and the CAGE Bundle to just name a few). A Powercore-platform (VSS3, MD3 mastering suite etc.), an UAD-2 and a massive Waves-collection provide an outstanding range of digital effects and mastering-tools. Selected analogue outboard-equipment and some rare and sought after microphones make  every recorded signal come to life and finalizes the mix with all the warmth and depth, if that is what the project needs.
But at the heart of all this “I-show-you-what-I-have”-thing here are the vision, the ultimate passion and the craftmanship to really use all of this stuff…