March 2019


Some months of “daily work” later we are back with the new Pascoe TV-Spot currently in rotation in German TV.

Some nice industry films and trailers have been scored throughout the last months, I’ll keep you posted when anything is online for the public.

September 2018


Steinberg has just released an add-on to their big new orchestral library “Iconica”. It’s called “Iconica-Ensembles”. You can buy either one part of the library alone ore both parts in a bundle called “Iconica-Opus”. For both versions I’ve done a demo-track. Here you can listen to the “Ensembles”-track, and here to the one I’ve composed for “Opus”, it’s called “Statements on the passing of time”. Have fun…

August 2018


Another TV commercial for “Pascoe – natural healthcare” is in the making. Stay tuned..

June 2018


It’s done at last! Steinberg releases the completely new orchestral library “Iconica” in collaboration with Orchestral Tools. You can listen to what I’ve done for the project here