September 2018


Steinberg has just released an add-on to their big new orchestral library “Iconica”. It’s called “Iconica-Ensembles”. You can buy either one part of the library alone ore both parts in a bundle called “Iconica-Opus”. For both versions I’ve done a demo-track. Here you can listen to the “Ensembles”-track, and here to the one I’ve composed for “Opus”, it’s called “Statements on the passing of time”. Have fun…

August 2018


Another TV commercial for “Pascoe – natural healthcare” is in the making. Stay tuned…

The release of “Lonely Mountains – Downhill” has been delayed for another 6 months. But that does’t affect the work on the sounddesign:

July 2018


During the last months I’ve been busy working on a very nice project, a webseries called “The GAP” by digital storyteller Chloé Trieu. Here you can have a listen to the aural outcome of all the strange experiments I’ve done to make an adequate musical statement to a very important and sensitive subject.

June 2018


It’s done at last! Steinberg releases the completely new orchestral library “Iconica” in collaboration with Orchestral Tools. You can listen to what I’ve done for the project here

May 2018


A long time ago in a galaxy far far away… It’s been 23 years now since I bought my very first version of Steinberg’s DAW Cubase: Cubase Score with this unbelievably huge dongle for the printer port (digital natives among you will google that…). Now I’m working for Steinberg myself as a demo-composer for a really big new release… More news coming in June.

March/April 2018


Some exciting projects are in sight for the midth of the year. A longer documentary as well as several commercials for the daily work…

February 2018


The new TV-commercial “Neurapas” by Pascoe Natural Healthcare is on rotation in German TV (ARD, ZDF, RTL and Pro7/Sat1). The old one “Pascoflair” is still on rotation, too. You can watch the spot here.

January 2018


A happy new years to all of you!!!

New year, no rest in sight. We are busy with some imagefilms and the sounddesign preparations for “Lonely Mountains – Downhill”.

October 2017


A brand new TV-commercial is in the making. More infos will follow soon…

“Lonely Mountains: Downhill” has started its campaign on Kickstarter. The guys around the software-developer Megagon Industries have won the price for the best Indie-game at PGA 2017 by the way. Congrats!!! The latest trailer of the campaign is here.

August/September 2017


After the summer holidays the one word is “advertising” again. Most prominent example: An imagefilm by and over Germany’s famous company Miele. Further infos will follow…

There are some nice infos about “Lonely Mountains – Downhill” at Gamestar. You can read the article here.

June 2017


“Lonely Mountains – Downhill” has made it!!! After a few days only the game did pass the Greenlight campaign. Some kind of a milestone…

Summer is coming! The studio is occupied with the standard daily work. Some bigger imagefilms and commercials are on their way…

May 2017


“Lonely Mountains – Downhill” is starting its campaign on Greenlight. You can vote for the game here

April 2017


Unfortunately there’s no price for “Twisted Lines”, but congrats are going out for the winning game “Glitch Skier”!

The development of “Lonely Mountains – Downhill” is doing some big steps. A first playable demo will be presented at “Making Games Festival” and at “Quo Vadis”. Keep on rockin’, guys!

March 2017


And this is really awesome: “Twisted Lines”, the little mind twisting mobile game, is nominated for the German “deutscher Computerspielpreis” in the category best mobile game.

February 2017


The TV-Commercial “Pascoflair” by Pascoe Natural Healthcare is on rotation in German TV (ARD, ZDF, RTL and Pro7/Sat1)

“Twisted Lines” by Megagon Industries has been nominated on the Ludicious – Zürich Games Festival

January 2017


To all customers, visitors and friends a happy New Year!!!

A new year – a new Website. When there’s nothing else to do at twixmas, you build a new homepage. Have fun rummaging in our new work samples!